Monday, July 14, 2008

Fall Solo Show Performance Run

Sex, Drugs, and Spiritual Enlightenment

(or, How I’ve Become the Man I Am Today)

a perpetual work-in-progress

written and performed by Kyle Bostian

A humorous, poignant, sometimes shocking, and ultimately inspirational story of one man’s journey toward self-acceptance and wholeness.

September 18-20 and October 2-4, 8:00 PM
937 Liberty Avenue – 1st Floor (Bricolage space)
Tix: $10 /$5 (age 25 and under), at the door, cash only
May not be suitable for all audiences

In this autobiographical solo show, Bostian follows the model of Spalding Gray and other theatre monologists who recount personal experiences in an attempt to illuminate broader aspects of existence. The work combines spoken narrative with visual projections and devices borrowed from Stephen Colbert and David Letterman. Sharing details of his life generally considered taboo or at least inappropriate for public disclosure, the writer/performer paints an unflinching and sometimes unflattering self-portrait. For Bostian, that kind of honesty is vital to art, which he says “should tell the truth and stimulate.” He believes this piece will have particular impact on young adults struggling to formulate and maintain a healthy sense of identity in a culture that often makes that difficult. It also should resonate with older adults who have reflected on their own journeys to maturity – or are open to doing so.